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VCU faculty and alumni from the nationally recognized Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, and other expert addiction practitioners, weave the latest translational research into a wide selection of course offerings. By incorporating evidence-based research, participants will be able to identify and apply the most effective techniques and information into professional practice. With a combined setting of professionals and community members, courses will not only develop counselor skills, but also provide information to professionals in the law enforcement, education and health care fields, as well as to families and community members.

Learn more about the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling

The VCU Department of Rehabilitation Counseling is ranked 4th in the nation among master-level rehabilitation and mental health training programs by U.S. News & World Report.

To learn how these noncredit pathways can be applied towards the educational requirements for certification as a substance abuse counselor, visit the Virginia Board of Counseling website.

Pathways to Your Goals

Explore the latest information on addiction and recovery in a combined setting of professionals and community members. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for each course, as well as having access to online transcripts. Learn more about our noncredit pathways to help you meet your goals:

Learn more about your pathway.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we have a pathway for you.

  • Are you looking for opportunities to complete your education requirements for the Virginia Certified Substance Abuse Counselor?
  • Are you currently a supervisor or planning to move into a supervisory position and need to complete the 20 hour supervision training?
  • Are you looking for continuing education opportunities to incorporate the latest research into your clinical practice?
  • Are you a professional in the health care, law enforcement, education or other field, and want to better serve your community?
  • Are you a family member, friend, or community member seeking information?

Affordable Quality

We’re passionate about providing quality interdisciplinary programs at affordable prices. In addition to purchasing individual modules, you will have multiple options to find the right fit for your needs. Click to get started today! Sign-up for course updates using the form on this page.

Registration for "What is Addiction", a FREE 1 Contact Hour Online Module is also open through the VCU Office of Continuing and Professional Education. This module provides a succinct evidence-based explanation of addiction as a brain disease.